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PROJECT IDEAS  :-   Online activity monitor
Description :- Online Activity Monitor is a web based application which is used by a Human Resource Manager(HR). This project helps the HR manager to maintain all Activity information about the employees such as the software developers and the implementers. Consider that the HR of the company is located at a different location say Delhi which serves as a head quarters for the organization and wherein the software implementers and customers are placed at different locations say Mumbai, Chennai .Consider that the HR manager has got a set of activity to be done by one of the employee in the implementation department. The HR manager plan out all the Activty for that particular employee and forwards it. The implementer takes care of those works which the HR manager has assigned. The implementer maintains certain status information. The status information is of three types referring to the initial stage, the pending stage or the completed stage.These status informationís are sent to the HR to denote him about the current status.. Hence the communication between the HR manager and the implementers are through e-mails.
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