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PROJECT IDEAS  :-   Netpod
Description :- Netpod project’s main aim is to provide an Internet-based client application for sharing of files among the branches of a company. The client application must download all the files which the user is authorized to access onto the local computer. The application must also regularly “spy” the shared folder (the folder where the shared files are stored) for changes. Changes include modifying, renaming, adding and deleting of files and folders. When any change occurs in the shared folder, the files on the serve must be synchronized i.e. the observed changes must also be saved on the files saved on the server.NetPOD is an Internet-based file sharing client application which allows support for groups creation and maintenance. It copies the files to the user’s local system from which he has logged on to the network. The application also acts like a spy which observes all the copied files for changes and responds to any change by saving the changes to the respective files located on the server. Privileges can also be assigned to users blocking specific users to access certain files.
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