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PROJECT IDEAS  :-   Distance learning system
Description :- Distance Learning, or distance education, is a teaching scheme wherein persons are enrolled but are not required to be physically present in a particular education institution. Distance learning is actulally a very broad term and it includes a large number of learning methods, from correspondence cources to the fast becoming popular online courses. Distance learning can be administered on its own or integrated in a larger learning program, every thing depending upon the discretion of the university or institution adminitering the distance learning program. One of the earliest forms of distance learning are the correpondence courses. The main focus of this project is to provide online training for the employees of the company. The study material available online can be in the form of CDs or documents on a server machine which can be accessed simultaneously by many users. All the permanent employees should be able to access all kinds of study material irrespective of the employee\'s desigantion or field of expertise. No person other that the employee of the company should be able to gain access to the system.
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