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PROJECT IDEAS  :-   Online Activity reporting system
Description :- Activity reporting system is a performance analysis tool. This system must document all effort put by the employees to help in distribution of salaries, for appraisals etc of the employees based on the time taken by them to complete the assigned project or the activity they are currently involved in. This Online Activity Reporting System is a web-based system that provides the mechanism to document effort performed on projects assigned to them. Reports on the work done in the previous week, present week, previous month or present month can be viewed. Specific project, application and activity can be selected and report can be viewed. This report can also be sent via email. This system has a list of all the activities and a brief description about it to clearly understand what these activities are, also a list of applications. Any FAQ’s or bugs detected can be reported with the help of a Defect tracking system (DTS). For the front end design we make use of CSS. Coding is in php,javascript for validations Software requirements: linux,Apache server,MySQL.
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