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Using this facility you can reserve cinema tickets for GANGA Cine House, Attingal. Login using your username and password and reserve your seats.
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  1. You should Collect the tickets from the theatre atleast 1 hour before the show time. If you fail to collect tickets, Your reservation is cancelled automatically.
  2. A reservation charge of Rs.5/- will be collected by the theatre management for each ticket.
  3. The reservation is not transferable.
  4. If family category is selected for reservation, there must be atleast one lady; otherwise tickets will be cancelled.
  5. The given reservation code must be correctly produced at the time of ticket collection; otherwise the tickets will not be issued.
  6. Your account will be blocked and legal action is taken if this reservation is misused.
  7. The management will not take any responsitbility of technical problems if any.