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The electronic integration of
Attingal Municipal Town
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All information about Attingal

Information about the historical background of Attingal Municipal Town, specialties, famous personalities from Attingal, famous tourist places in and near Attingal, geological position of Attingal and more. 

The organisations in Attingal at your mouse click

All information about commercial and non commercial organisations operating in Attingal are available in well structured way so that you can easily find details of any organisation with in seconds. Details of important officers and political leaders of Attingal are available with their designation, powers, address, phone no etc. You can communicate with them through ecity effectively. Every organisation Govt. or Private get a page in ecity from where you can gather its details.

Let the services and products come to your house.

Through ecity browse details of all services and products available near you and select the apt one. If the organisation is ready for an online business you get it through the net. A lot of services like online reservations, online shopping etc are supported by many firms. You need not search websites of firms near you for online services; just logon to ecity-everything is integrated in it.

Let the whole world hear you.

ecity publishes people's ideas, complaints of common interest, memorandums, surveys, help requests, Personal achievements, creations from people and more. You can send your complaints to Municipal Chirman of Attingal through ecityatl.com. Not getting local news in internet? Log on to ecity and get it!

eGroups for better integration of people

ecity maintains eGroups of doctors, engineers, teachers, artists etc. in the city. ecity provides services for communication between the members in the group so they can improve their own and people get improved services. ecity provides educational support for technical, science and arts students in the form of doubt clearance sections, educational articles ect. by the expert teachers in the city.

Join us. Let your business touch the horizons.

Through ecity publish your profile globally and get it accessible to all people with in your city easily. No need to create your own website. You can publish your profile absolutely FREE. Increase your business by online services. Get direct feed back from customers.

Get better results from your advertisements.

ecity Classifides help you to publish your column to the right destination- viewed by right eyes, heard by right ears. So responses from right source.

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