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eCitynews Attingal
31-12-2016: Attingal- LDF MANUSHYIA CHANGGALA
23-12-2016: Attingal : Best Councillor Award 2016-17
I st Round Interview - Ward No: 2:- Rukainath.A
22-12-2016- Attingal Modern Bakery , KSRTC Stand Thampanoor Model Cake
22-12-2016- Attingal, LDF, Kaalnada Pracharana Jada
22-12-2016: Attingal :-Best Councillor Award 2016-17
I st Round Interview - Ward No: 1 : Imamudheen
12-11-2016: Attingal News
9-11-2016: Attingal News
8-11-2016: Attingal News
7-11-2016: Attingal News
6-11-2016: Attingal News
5-11-2016: Attingal News
3-11-2016: Attingal News
3-11-2016: Attingal News
2-11-2016: Attingal News
1-11-2016: Attingal News
1-11-2016: Attingal News
31-10-2016: Attingal News
29-10-2016: Attingal News
28-10-2016:- Attingal News
26-10-2016:- Attingal News
24-10-2016: -Attingal News
23-10-2016: Attingal News
20-10-2016: -Attingal News
20-10-2016: Attingal News
20-10-2016: Attingal News
20-10-2016: Attingal News
19-10-2016: Attingal News:
18-10-2016: Attingal News
17-10-2016: Attingal News
15-10-2016: Attingal
13-10-2016: Attingal
13/10/2016: Attingal: BJP HARTHAL
9-10-2016: Attingal
01-10-2016: Attingal : Navaratri Related Quiz Competitions
27-09-2016:- 11.20 AM : Attingal : UDF HARTHAL
Onam Celebrations Attingal:- Kalabhavan Mani Seva Samidi Charitable Society : Live Ganamela
23-09-2016: Attingal
22-09-2016: Onam Celebrations, Attingal
More News and Pic Live videos Onam Celebrations, Attingal
13-09-2016: Attingal
12-09-2016: Attingal
11-09-2016: Attingal
11/9/2016: Atingal :
11/09/2016: Attingal
10/09/2016: Attingal:
10/9/2016: Attingal - Windsoft Onam celebrations 2016 Onam Celebrtions Live
7/9/2016: Attingal :- Ganesholsav 2016 Live Video, Ganesholsav 2016, Attingal
7/09/2016: Attingal: Traffic Co-ordination
7/09/2016:Attingal World Literacy Day Programme
6/9/2016: Attingal : Onam Celebrations 2016
5/9/2016: Attingal :
30/8/2016: Attingal : -K.S. Anilkumar (53)
29/8/2016: Attingal
29/8/2016: Attingal
22/8/2016: Attingal
9/8/2016: Attingal School Games
9/8/2016: Attingal Town UPS Poorva Vidhiyardhi Sangamam
9/8/2016: Attingal :
5/8/2016: Attingal
5/8/2016: Attingal
28/07/2016: Attingal
  Live Video
27/07/2016: Attingal UDF Upavasam
  Live Video UDF Upavasam, Attingal
26/7/2016: Attingal : Kalam
26/7/2016: Attingal Muncipal Agriculture Development Programme ( Ward No: 31)
  Click here to View Live Video
25/7/2016: Attingal
25/7/2016: Attingal
25/7/2016: Attingal
24/7/2016: Attingal
24/7/2016: Attingal
21/7/2016: New Block Inauguration ( Attingal I.T.I Campus)
  Live Video, ITI NEW BLOCK Inauguration
21/7/2016: Kuzhimankavu Temple , Siva Parvathy Parinayam
  Live Video, Parvathy Parinayam
17/07/2016: Attingal :
17/07/2016: Attingal :
17/07/2016: Attingal :
16/7/2016: Attingal
15/07/2016: Attingal
12/07/2016: Attingal
11/07/2016: Attingal
11/7/2016: Attingal
11/7/2016: Attingal
07/07/2016 :- Attingal
  Live Videos
06/07/2016 : Attingal
06/07/2016: Attingal
06/07/2017: Attingal
01/07/2016: Attingal: - Inauguration of Entay Nagaram Haritha Nagaram Project : Venue, Attingal Muncipal Office
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3/7/2016: Attingal
26/6/2016: Attingal Karate league and Award Function organised by Attingal Karate Team
25/6/2016: Attingal
25/6/2016: Attingal
15/6/2016 : Attingal
16/6/2016: Attingal:
15/6/2016: Attingal
08/06/2016: Attingal :- Winfest 2016, Windsoft 15th Annual Day Celebration.
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19/5/2016: Attingal : Kerala Assembly Election 2016:
Total Vote : 72808
Won by 40383 votes
17/5/2016:Attingal : Time: 11.30 am Click here to view Live Video
Candidates Meet 2016 , Attingal
LDF Adv.B.Sathyan Interview Live
UDF K.Chandra Babu Interview Live
BJP Raji Prasad Interview LIve
11/5/2016: Attingal
26/04/2016: Attingal:-Vayomitram Project
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18/4/2016: Attingal : - Attingal Murder: Nino got Capital Punishment and Anushanthi got double lifelong imprisonment
Principle Section Judge V. Shersan proclaimed the punishment for the very brutle murden held in Attingal 2 years back. The culprits Anushanthi got double life long imprisonment and Nino got the Capital Punishment for the cruel murder. Both are also imposed the fine of 50 lakhs each.
16/4/2016: Attingal Power failure: MLA forwarded a complaint to Minister
The MLA B. Sathyan forwarded a complaint against the power failure in the area, to the minister Aryadan Mohammed and the Electricity Board Chief Engineer. The power failure is caused due to the replacement of electrical lines to the arial cables. These works are in progress and thus power failure is been faced by the people for about a month. The distribution of drinking water is also stopped. He has requested an immediate action for the matter as the people are extremely suffering in this hot season.
16/4/2016: Protest of Chairman against Power failure
On 15th April, Attingal Municipal Chairman M. Pradeep protested against the day and night power failure in Attingal, by lying in the Electricity Office Section Office, Attingal, from 9pm to 12.00. He succeeded in the attempt and the power supply was connected to all the areas in the town at the same night itself.
15/4/2016: Attingal Murder: Anushanthi and Nino Mathew
The accused Anushanthi and Nino Mathew, who were working as an employees in Trivandrum Technopark will be judged, for the conspiracy and for the murder of Anushanthi's daughter and mother in law, on Monday. This cruel murder happened two years before. The prosecution has requested to prosecute the accused till death. The four year old daughter, Swasthika and mother in law Omana were brutely murdered and there was an attempt for murdering Lijesh, father of swasthika. Lijesh got injured very badly on the incident, but was escaped.
15/4/2016: Attingal : Perunguzhi Rajarajeswari Temple Agni Kavadi Fest 2016
Perunguzhi Kavadi Ulsavam 2016 -- Videos Perunguzhi Agni Kavadi .... Videos
6/4/2016: Attingal :- Kuzhiman Kavu Sri.Dharma Sastha Temple Festival Celebration, Cheruvallimukku
1/4/2016: Attingal : Ponnara Kaliyootu maholsavam 2016 Kaliyootu Videos
26/3/2016: Attingal :- Kuzhiman Kavu Sri.Dharma Sastha Temple Festival Celebration, Cheruvallimukku
26/3/2016:Attingal:- Ponnara Temple, Kaliyootu Festival
15/3/2016: Attingal:- Kalabhavan Mani Seva Samithi- Kalabhavan Maini Anusmaranam Live
4/3/2016: Attingal :-Vayomitram Project Inauguration
2/3/2016: eCityNews Impact (eCitynews Attingal Exclusive No:1, No3, No:12, and No:13)
2/3/2016: Attingal Muncipal Budjet 2016-17
1/3/2016: Attingal: Talent Meet, Multi storied building and Koumara Sree Project Inauguration
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The multi storied building built for achieving the goal of quality education and basic development schemes in school, was inaugurated on March 1st 2016 at 10am by Adv. B. Sathyan (Attingal MLA). The students of 2014-2015 academic year, who acquired A+ Grade in High school, and Higher Secondary levels and the students who expressed their extreme talents in various fields had an appreciation by the chief guests. Koumara Sree Project was inaugurated by DR. R. Radhakrishnan Nair (President IMA, Chirayinkeezhu) on the sponsorship of Amar Hospital, Attingal. Presidential Address was done by Mr. M. Pradeep (Chairman, Attingal Municipality). Talent meet was inaugurated by Mrs. Rekha R.S (Vice Chairperson,Attingal Municipality). Felicitation was given by Mr. C. Pradeep (Chairman, Educational Standing committee, Attingal Municipality), Mr. M. Anil Kumar (Opposition Leader, Attingal Municipality), Mr. Santhosh. S (Ward Councillor, Attingal Municipality),DR. Sreejith. N. Kumar (Former President IMA, Chirayinkeezhu), Mr. K Murali Kumar (PTA President, Govt GHSS, Attingal), Mrs. G. Sheela( HM, Govt. GHSS, Attingal) and Mr. A. Nasser (controller). Vote of Thanks was given by Mr. V. S. Pradeep (Staff Secretary)

24/2/2016:- eCity News, Attingal Exclusive
eCitynews Attingal, Exclusive
Click Here to View eCitynews Attingal Investigation Report No: 13
Ayurveda Hospital Development , Report
Click here to View Ayurveda Hospital Development, Report
24/2/2016:- eCity News, Attingal Exclusive
eCitynews Attingal, Exclusive
Click Here to View eCitynews Attingal Investigation Report No: 12
Click here to View Sidha Hospital Development, Report
24/2/2016 eCity News, Attingal Exclusive
eCitynews Attingal, Exclusive
Click Here to View eCitynews Attingal Investigation Report No: 11
Save Water , Report
Click here to View Save Water , Report
22/2/2016: Attingal :- eCitynews, Attingal Exclusive :-
eCitynews Attingal, Exclusive
21/2/2106: Attingal: eCity News Attingal Exclusive
eCitynews Attingal, Exclusive
Click here to View Master Plan, Report
Attingal:- eCityNews, Exclusive: Attingal Kacheri Junction to Transport Bustand National Higway Road
17/2/2016: Attingal : CPI Janakeeya Yatra
16/2/2016: Attingal :- DYFI, DYSP Attingal Office March
15/2/2016: Attingal :- BJP Municipal Office March
15/2/2015: eCitynews Attingal Investigation Report 8 :Family Status, Report
eCitynews Attingal, Exclusive
11/2/2016: Attingal :- Attingal Taluk Hospital Patient-Relatives Meet
8/2/2016:Attingal :-BJP Vimochana Yatra Click here to View Attingal Speech Live
Kummanam Rajasekharan, BJP President, Kerala
5/2/2016: eCitynews Attingal Investigation Report No 7: Water Charge, Report
eCity Attingal Development Debate 2015
4/2/2016: Attingal :- Congress Kerala Raksha Yatra Click here to View Attingal Speech Live
V.M.Sudheeran, KPCC President, Kerala
2/2/2016: eCitynews Attingal Investigation Report No 6: Sterilization of Street Dogs
Ecity Attingal Development Debate 2015
1/2/2016: Attingal: - Discussions about New Project at Muncipal Town Hall, Attingal. Muncipal Chairman M Pradeep inaugurated the Meeting . Click here to View More
31/1/2016: Attingal : Inauguration of Rashtrapitha Residence Association
Municipal Chairman M. Pradeep inaugurated The Rashtrapitha Residence association of 30th ward of the Municpality. DYSP. R. Prathapan Nair, President N. Sumalal, Thahasildar R. Suku, S.Jameela, Suresh Kumar, G. VijayaKumar, V. Viswambaran, S. Santhamma participated in the function. Retd. Judge G. Rajappan aashari was honored in the function.
27/1/2016: eCitynews Attingal Investigation Report No 5: Swimming Pool Development
Swimming Pool Development
Click Here to View eCitynews Attingal Investigation Report No:5
Click here to View Swimming Pool Development Report
26/1/2016: eCitynews Attingal: Investigation Report No: 4 : Town Hall Development
21/1/2016: eCitynews Investigation Report No: 3:- Vayomitram Project
Vayomitram Project
21/1/2016: Attingal: Historical and Archeological Exhibition
Historical and Archeological relevant things of the ancient world are exhibited at Govt College Auditorium. The presentation included the very ancient coins, tools, utensils, musical instruments, Medals, and the World's first Bank Note made up of Gold and silver,etc. The function was inaugurated by Mr. M Pradeep, Municipal Chairman, Attingal Municipality. It was organized by the Department of History, Govt College, Attingal on 20th and 21st Jan. It was funded by the Directorate of Collegiate Education Kerala.
Click here to view Historical and Archeological Exhibition Photos
21/1/2016: Attingal:- Aashwas Plan for Loan dues
Aashwas plan is introduced in Vilayil Residence Welfare co-operative society for the relaxation of loan dues, till 31st March. The loan holders who recieved arbitration notice, will have an adhaalath on 17th , 18th and 19th of this month at 10 am at co-operative office.
21/1/2016: Attingal:- P.A Khadhar Memorial Quiz competition
On 26th Jan, P.A Khadhar Memorial Ever rolling troffee quiz competition is being conducted at A M L P S, for LP and UP sections of different schools of Attingal educational Sub District. It is a combained venture of Y L M U P S ,and Perumkulam A L M P S Keezhattingal.
21/1/2016: Attingal:- Mamom Coconut Complex : Ministry level meet
Agriculture minister C.P Mohanan called for a discussion on the disfunctioning of Mamom Coconut complex. In the meeting Mr. Sathyaraj was appointed as the General Manager, and was handovered all the duties. This Ministry level discussion concluded to form an advisory committee, of which B. Sathyan MLA, Coconut Development corporation Chairman, Managing Director, Municipal chairman, and Agricultural Director are the members.
19/1/2016 : Attingal : Action against Foot path Sale
Actions are going to be taken against the unauthorized trade in the public places of Attingal Municipality. The unauthorized trade market connecting the attingal municipality , KSRTC Bus stand were stoped yesterday. Municipal Secretary announced that this type of trades will be fully abolished in the coming days in attingal municipality
19/1/2016: Attingal :-Training programme -'Sayahna Soundariyam'
A training program is being conducted by Brahmakumaries on 19th to 21st of January for the senior citizens of 60 years and above. The name given for this program is "Sayahna Soundariyam". It mainly focuses on the relief from the mental pressures and distress. This training program can reduce the destress caused to the aged people in our socity. The training program is scheduled to be from 10.30 am to 11.30 am and from 4.30 to 6.00 pm. For further details and registration , contact : 9497689338
19/1/2016: Attingal :- Temporary Vacancy(Govt. Poly Technique College)
Govt. Poly Technique college requires a guest tradesman as a temporary appointment for the department of computer hardware engineering. Applicants are requested to attend the interview on 21st of this month at 10.am
19/1/2015: Attingal: Chirayinkeezhu Taluk Investment Meet on behalf of District Industrial unit of Kerala Government

District level industrial investment scheme was organized by kerala Govt to encourage the small scale and large scale industrial units in the state. The able industries who need expert advice and encouragements are selected for the scheme. The procedures and awareness for licencing and Financing were given in this meet. Many documents are required to start a new venture. This can be obtained by different agencies.
Inauguration function was conducted at 10am. Welcome speech was done by Mr. Sharath VS (Sub Dist. Industrial Officer ). The function was inaugurated by Mr. M Pradeep (Chairman, Attingal Municipality).,Mr K.B Anil kumar (Generel Manager, Dist. Industrial Unit), Mrs. Ruhainath ( Counicillor, Attingal Municipality) and Mr. Ajithan (Industrial Development Officer, Kilimanoor Block) participated in the function.

18/1/2016: Attingal :- Kerala School Teachers Association , Thiruvananthapuram District Meet 2016
8/1/2016: Attingal : Govt. College Attingal- College Union Inauguration
Live ..Attingal Govt. College Union Inaugaration...Videos ............................ Click here to View More Photos
6/1/2016: Attingal : Ecity Attingal Development Debate 2015(Attingal Library Development)
Ecity Attingal Development Debate 2015
6/1/2016: Attingal : Ecity Attingal Development Debate 2015(Valiyakunnu Hospital Development)
Ecity Attingal Development Debate 2015
5/1/2016: Attingal:- Chennai Calamities Relief Fund

Attingal Navbharath Higher Secondary school students contributed the sum of 12,250 Rs to Manorama's Chennai calamities Relief Fund. The amount was handovered by Mr. R. J. Krishnadevan, (students council member), to M. Basheer (Navbharath vigyan Trust Secretary). The amount was collected under the leadership of Scout and Guides, NCC and Redcross units.

5/1/2016: Attingal:- Administrative Election
Congress Panel won on the election held in co-operative urban society Administrative wing. V.S Ajith Kumar was elected as the president and K. Subhash as the Vice President.
5/1/2016: Attingal:- Protest Against the closing of stadium after New year
Theannouncement of sports council and sports Minister that the Valiyakunnu Sripaadham Stadium will be opened for athletics and native people for practise and excersise after New year did not come into existance. So, AIYF members protested against this under the leadership of Municipality Health Standing Committee member, Avanavancheri Raju. After this protest, the concernt authorities re-announced that the matter will be considered very soon.
4/1/2016: Attingal:- Welcome function for thapasya Piligrims Tomorrow
"My Earth, My language, My Culture" is the slogan of Thapasya Kala Sahitya vedi which is going to conduct a piligrimage from kanyakumari to gokarnam. Viji Thambi will inaugurate the function at 4pm at Veeralam Dwaraka Auditorium. Honors are given to the people who contributed their outstanding performance in the field of arts and cultural areas.
3/1/2016: Attingal:- Wanted Instructors
Temporary vaccancies of Instructors in Govt ITI in Mechanical, Computer Hardware Trade. Interview will be conducted on Jan 5th at 11 am.
3/1/2016: Attingal:- Christmas/ New Year Prizes
Municipal Chairman M. Pradeep announced and handovered the prizes of the lucky draw as a part of christmas/ new year celebration organized by the Consumerfed's Triveni Super Market.
Happy New Year to all our viewers
31/12/2015: Attingal :-X'Mas and New Year Celebrations
Live ...X'Mas & New Year Celebration Live ...X'Mas & New Year Celebration
31/12/2013: Attingal : Kochi Metro Cake Model (Modern Bakery)
Kochi Metro Model Cake ( Modern Bakery)...Live Kochi Metro Model Cake ( Modern Bakery)...Live
30/12/2015: Attingal:-Attingal Educational Sub District (Kerala School Kalolsavam 2015)
Kerala School Fest 2015 - Live Kerala School Fest 2015 - Live
20/12/2015: Attingal :- Arts Literature Competition and prayers
In valakaud Jaami Ul Khairath Arabic College Yathemkhana, an arts-literature competition and offerings of prayers were conducted today, as a part of Attingal Milath Fest. Arts and literature competition started at 8am. At 5pm, a meeting was conducted in Thonnakkal. K.H Muhammed inaugrated the function. The principal of Jaami Ul Khairath, Attingal, Abdul Asiz Moulavi was the chief guest. The prayers were conducted by Assaiyad Pookoya Al Haidruz andKunikode Abdul Rahim Bakhavi.
20/12/2015: Attingal :-sse{_dn Iu¬knensâ Xmeq¡pXe IemkmlnXytaf Cópw \msfbpw
Bän§ð , Nndbn³Iogv Xmeq¡vsse{_dn Iu¬knensâbpw Ah\htôcn apcfn kvamcI {KÙimebpsSbpw t\XrXz¯nð kwLSn¸n¡pó
Xmeq¡pXe IemkmlnXytaf Cópw \msfbpambn Ah\htôcn Kh .sslkvIqfnð \S¡pw. Xmeq¡nse apgph³ {KÙimeIfnð \nópÅ {]Xn`IÄ amäpcbv¡pw. Cóv cmhnse F«n\p kzmKXkwLw sNbÀam\pw \Kck` hnZym`ymk Ìm³UnMv I½nän A[y£\pamb kn.{]Zo]v tafbpsS ]XmI DbÀ¯pw. 8.15\p \Kck` D]m[y£ A£cZo]w sXfn¡pw. 9.30\v \Kck` sNbÀam³ Fw.{]Zo]v taf DZvLmS\w sN¿pw. kn.{]Zo]v A[y£X hln¡pw. ]¯paWnapXð aðkc§Ä.
Cóp cmhnse 8.30\p kmwknImcnI tLmjbm{X. \Kck` Iu¬kneÀ Sn.BÀ.tImafIpamcn ^fmKvHm^v sN¿pw.. ]¯paWnapXð IemkmlnXr
aðkc§Ä. \mepaWn¡v kam]\kt½f\w _n.kXr³ Fw.Fð.F DZvLmS\w sN¿pw.
Pnñm sse{_dnIu¬knð sk{I«dn ]n.sI.cmPvtaml³ k½m\Zm\w \nÀhln¡pw. tUm.`mkncmPv A[y£X hln¡pw.
20/12/2015: Attingal :-Bän§ð AaÀ Bip]{Xn þaebmf at\mca kuP\y hÔyXm \nhmcW Irmw]v Cóv
Bän§ð. AaÀ satäWnän B³Uv s^À«nenän skâdn\v C´rm Kh¬saâv \mjWð Izmfnän Iu¬knensâ F³.F _n.F¨v AwKoImcw e`n¨Xnt\mS\p_Ôn¨v aebmf at\mca hmb\¡mÀ¡mbn Cóp cmhnse F«paWnapXð HcpaWnhsc Bän§ð AaÀ Bip]{Xnbnð aebmf at\mca kuP\r hÔyXm \nhmcW Irmw]v kwLSn¸n¡pw. Irmw]nsâ DZvLmS\w 8.30\v \Kck` D]m[y£ BÀ.Fkv tcJ `{ZZo]w sXfn¨p \nÀhln¡pw. AaÀ Bip]{Xn Fw.Un.tUm.]n. cm[mIrjvW³\mbÀ A[y£X hln¡pw
15/12/2015:- Attingal : eCitynews Attingal Development Debate 2015- Click here to View Full Updates
Attingal :- eCitynews Attingal Development Debate 2015- Live...
D.Girikumar (Director, eCity Attingal News)
M.Anilkumar (Opp.Leader, Attingal Municipality)
Muhammed Shafi (Municipal Secretary, Attingal Municipality)
G.Thulaseedharan Pilla (Standing Committee Member, Attingal Municipality)
Santhosh .S (Councilor, Attingal Municipality)
Unni Attingal (FERA, President, Attingal)
Imamudheen (Councilor, Attingal Municipality)
Sreevalsan (Media Representative, Attingal)
Residence Association Member, Attingal
Residence Association Member, Attingal
Residence Association Member, Attingal
Association Member, Attingal
Association Member, Attingal
Jayachandran Nair, Retired Municipal Secretary,eCitynews Advisor
(Asnwer)Thulaseedharan Pillai, Standing Committi Member, Attingal Municipality
(Answer) Municipal Secretary, Attingal Municipality
Click here to View-Councilors Talk- Full Report
14/12/2015:- eCitynews Attingal Development Debate 2015 : Answer from Councilors Side Click here to View
13/12/2015:- Attingal :- eCity Attingal Development Debate 2015
eCity Attingal Development Debate 2015
10/12/2015: Attingal :- k`m\mSIw IrXn Ihn A³hÀ Aen Bän§ð \Kck`m sNbÀam³ Fw.{]Zo]n\v \ðIn Bän§ð Su¬ bp.]n.Fknð {]Imin¸n¨p. A´cn¨ Ihn tUm.BÀ at\mPns³d IrXnbmWv k`m\mSIw. ]óy³ cho{µ³, tUm.BÀ.tKm]n\mY³,tUm.BÀ.eXmtZhn, tUm.Fð.tXmakpIp«n, hÀ¡e tKm]meIrjvW³ XpS§nbhÀ ]s¦Sp¯p.
10/12/2015: Attingal :- KmÔnNcn{X Iznkv
Pn.Fkv.Sn.bp. cPX Pq_nen BtLmj§fpsS `mKambn Bän§ð D]Pnñm kanXn kwLSn¸n¨ almßmKmÔn Ncn{X Iznkv Bän§ð Su¬ bp.]n.Fknð \Sóp
8/12/2015: Bän§ð hnIk\ NÀ¨ 2015

Cþknän Bän§ð \yqkns³d B`napJy¯nð Bän§ð hnIk\ NÀ¨ 2015 F.Fkv. an\n tIm¬^d³kv lmfnð 13þ12þ2015 RmbdmgvN sshIn«v aqóv aWn¡v \S¯phm³ \nÝbn¨ncn¡póp.
DZvLmS\w {io.kXy³ Fw.Fð.F \nÀÆln¡póp
Bän§ens\ kw_²n¡pó hnhn[ hnIk\ Imcy§sf¡pdn¨v NÀ¨ sN¿pó Cu thZnbnð ap\nkn¸ð sNbÀam³ Fw.{]Zo]v A²y£X hln¡póp. {]Xn]£ t\Xmhv, Ìm³UnwKv I½nän A[y£À, XpS§n 31 hmÀUnsebpw Iu¬kntegvkv, hnhn[ dknU³vdkv Atkmkntbj³ `mchmlnIÄ, ¢_v `mchmlnIÄ, hnh[ hym]mcn hyhkmbn bqWnäpIfpsS `mchmlnIÄ, XpS§nbhÀ ]s¦Sp¡póp
Bän§ð DYSP BÀ.{]Xm]³ \mbÀ Cu kZÊns\ A`nkwt_m[\ sN¿póp

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05_12_2015: \Kck`mhnIk\ AZme¯pIÄ
cm{ãob¯n\XoXambn Bän§ð \Kck`m Iu¬kneÀamÀ Hcpan¨v Häa\tÊmsSm {]hÀ¯n¡m³ Xocpam\n¨Xmbn sNbÀam³ Fw.{]Zo]v hmÀ¯m kt½f\¯nð ]dªp. TuWnse `h\ clnXcmb 100 t]À¡v DS³ hoSp \ðIphm\pÅ \S]Sn{Ia§Ä Bcw`n¨Xmbn At±lw ]dªp. Fñm {]tZi¯n\pw Xpñy {]m[m\yw \ðInbmhpw CXv \S¸nem¡pI. P\phcn 1 apXð 31 hsc hmÀUv ASnØm\¯nð {]mtZinI AZme¯pIfpw hnIk\ kwKa§fpw \S¯phm\pw Xocpam\n¨p. CXns³vd kam]\ambn saKm AZme¯pw \S¯pw. AXpt]mseXsó ipNnXz¯n\v IqSpXð {]m[m\yw \ðIpw. ipNpXz t_m[\¯n\v thïn Hcp amkw \oïp \n¡pó t_m[hXvIcW ]cn]mSnIfpw BhnjvIcn¨n«pïv. DdhnS amen\y kwkvIcWw ]qÀWtXmXnð hym]n¸n¡pI, ¹mÌnIv kônIÄ¡v ]Icw XpWn kônIÄ {]m_ñy¯nð hcp¯pI Fónhbpw \S¸m¡m³ Iu¬knð Xocpam\n¨Xmbn At±lw ]dªp.
Unkw_À 15 apXð P\phcn 15 hsc Hm¸tdj³ ¢o³ Tu¬ Fó Iym¼bn\pw kwLSn¸n¡pw. sshkv sNbÀ t]gvk¬ BÀ.Fkv. tcJ, Ìm³vdnwKv I½nän A²y£cmb dpssJ\¯v, Paoe, cmPp Fónhcpw hmÀ¯m kt½f\¯nð ]s¦Sp¯p
05/12/2015: KpWt`àr IcSv enÌv
P\Iobmkq{XW ]²XnbpsS `mKambn«pÅ KpWt`màm¡sf XncsªSp¡póXn\pÅ IcSv ]«nI \Kck`m Hm^oknð {]kn²nIcp¨p. ]cmXnIfpÅhÀ 18 \v sshIn«v 5 \v ap¼mbn \Kck`m sk{I«dn¡v kaÀ¸n¡Ww
5/12/2015: Bän§ð hnZym`ymk D]Pnñ tIcf kvIqÄ ItemÕhw 2015
Bän§ð hnZym`ymk D]Pnñ tIcf kvIqÄ ItemÕhw Bän§ð Ubänð h¨v 2015 Unkw_À 19,28,29,30 Fóo XobXnIfnð \S¡póp. Ggv thZoIfnembn cïmbnc¯ªqtdmfw hnZymÀ°nIÄ ]s¦Sp¡póp.
5/12/2015: cPnkvt{Sj³ ]pXp¡ð
Bän§ð Akn̳dv te_À Hm^okns³d ]cn[nbnepÅ s\ñ\mSv, ]mt§mSv, Ichmcw, apZm¡ð, amWn¡ð, hma\]pcw, ]pfnam¯v, \KcqÀ, Iñd, Infnam\qÀ, ]gbIpópt½ð, Bän§ð \Kck` FónhnS§fnse ISIfpw hmWnPyØm]\§fpw 2016 te¡pÅ te_À cPnkvt{Sj³ Unkw_À 31 \v ap¼v ]pXp¡Ww. ]pXp¡m¯hcnð \nópw 25 iXam\w ]ng CuSm¡póXmWv. Xn¦Ä, _p[³ Znhk§fnemWv cPnkvt{Sj³ \S]SnIfpÅXv.
4/12/2015 : Aän§enð kaXz aptóä bm{Xbv¡v kzoIcWw
shÅm¸Ån \tSi³ \bn¡pó kaXz aptóä bm{Xbv¡v Bän§enð {]utVmÖze kzoIcWw. Fkv.F³.Un.]n. tbmKw Bän§ð bqWnbs³vd B`napJy¯mð Fð.Fw. Fkv. PwKvj\v kao]s¯ Su¬ imJmKpcpaµnc¯n\p apónð {]uV Kw`ocamb kzoIcWw \ðIn. Bän§ð imJm {]knU³dv Fkv.tKmIpðZmkv shÅm¸Ånsb s]mómS NmÀ¯n hcthäp.
1/12/2015: Bän§ð ap\nkn¸menän Øncw kanXn A[y£sc sXcsªSp¯p

Bän§ð \Kck`bnð Øncw kanXn A[y£sc sXcsªSp¯p. 31 AwK k`bnð 22 AwK§fpÅXn\mð apgph³ A[y£Øm\hpw Fð.Un.F^v \mWv

hnhn[ Øncw kanXn A[y£À
hnZy`mkw kn {]nZo]v
[\Imcyw BÀ.Fkv. tcJ
BtcmKyw Ah\htôcn cmPp
hnIk\w BÀ.cmPp
t£aImcyw Fkv.Paoe
s]mXpacma¯v. F.dpssJ\¯v.

28/11/2015: Bän§ð ap\nkn¸menän Øncw kanXn AwK§Ä.
Bän§ð \Kck`bnð Øncw kanXn AwK§sf sXcsªSp¯p. A[y£sc Unkw_À 1 \v 10.30 \v Iu³¬knð lmfnð h¨p sXcsªSp¡pw. 31 AwK k`bnð 22 AwK§fpÅXn\mð apgph³ Øm\hpw Fð.Un.F^v \mWv
hnhn[ Øncw kanXnbntebv¡pÅ AwK§Ä
hnZy`mkwþ kn {]nZo]v, Fw.XmlnÀ, Fkv.cPn, kn.BÀ.Kmb{XntZhn, sItim`\
[\Imcyw þ BÀ.Fkv. tcJ, kn.sP.cmtPjvIpamÀ, ]n.Fkv. hoW, Fw.A\nðIpamÀ, CamapZo³
BtcmKyw þ Ah\htôcn cmPp, sI.Fkv.kt´mjvIpamÀ, BÀ.Fkv.{]im´v, H.Fkv.an\n, F³.]ò\m`³
hnIk\w þ BÀ.cmPp, Fkv.joP, ]n.iyafA½, Fkv. sI.{]n³kncmPv, sI.{iotZhn.
t£aImcyw þ Fkv.Paoe, Pn.Xpfko[c³]nÅ, Fw.Fkv.aôp, Fkv. tim`\Ipamcn, Fkv.{ioeX
s]mXpacma¯v þ F.dpssJ\¯v, Fw.sI.kptcjv, Sn.BÀ, tImafIpamcn, KoXmIpamcn, Fkv. kt´mjv

28/11/2015 : Xmeq¡v Xe \nt£]kwKaw
Pnñm hyhkmb tI{µ¯ns³vd t\XrXz¯nð Xmeq¡v Xe \nt£] kwKaw kwLSn¸n¨p. \Kck`m sNbÀam³ Fw.{]Zo]v DZvLmS\w \nÀÆln¨p. D]m[y£ BÀ.Fkv. tcJ A[y£X hln¨p. _m¦v hmbv]m \S]SnIsf¡pdn¨v iinIpamdpw hyhkmb hIp¸ns³vd hnhn[ ]²XnIsf¡pdn¨v taml³Ipamdpw ¢mkv \bn¨p
28/11/205: {io]mZw tÌUnbw s]mXpP\§Ä¡mbn Xpdóp \ðIpóp.
henbIpóp {io]mZw tÌUnbw ImbnIXmc§Ä¡pw s]mXpP\§Ä¡pambn 15 apXð Xpdóp \ðIm³ Xocpam\ambn. \Kck`m Iu¬kneÀ Ah\h³tôcn cmPphns³vd t\XrXz¯nð \m«pImÀ kvt]mÀSvkv Iu¬knð {]knUs³vdpambn \S¯nb NÀ¨bnemWv Xocpam\w. s]mXpP§Ä¡v cmhnsebpw sshIn«pw hymbma¯n\pw, ImbnI Xmc§Ä¡v ]cnioe\¯n\pw kuIcyw DïmIpw. Ah\h³tôcn cmPphns³vd t\XrXz¯nð IgnªbmgvN tÌUnbw tKäv ]q«nsbSp¯v Xmt¡mð kvt]mÀSvkv Iu¬knð {]knU³vdn\v X]mð amÀ¤w Ab¨psImSp¯ncpóp. CXns³vd XpSÀ¨bmbn Ah\h³tôcn cmPphns³vd t\XrXz¯nð \m«pImÀ kvt]mÀSvkv Iuknense¯n \S¯nb XÀ¨bnemWv ^ew DïmbXv
27/11/2015: Bän§ð Ce{ÎnIv skIj\pIfnð F._n.kn. Øm]n¡póp
Bän§ð, Ah\htôcn sshZypXn skIvj\pIfnð, sshZyqXn ISópt]mIm³ I¼nIÄ¡v ]Icw C³kpteäUv tI_nfpIÄ LSn¸n¡pó tPmenIÄ \SóphcnIbmWv. Cu tI_nÄ sse³ hcpótXmsS s]mXpP\§fpsS kpc£nXXzw ]qÀ®ambpw kwc£n¡s¸Spsaóv A[nIrXÀ ]dbpóp. tI{µ Kh¬sa³vdns³vd BÀ.F.]n.Un.BÀ. Fó t{]mPÎv dnt^mwkv ^ïv D]tbmKn¨mWv ]²Xn \S¸m¡póXv. kwØm\ Kh¬sa³vd GP³knbmb {Smt¡m Fó I¼\nbmWv tS¬Io ASnØm\¯nð CXv GsäSp¯v \S¯póXv. cïpamkwsImïv ]Wn ]qÀ¯nbm¡m\mWv Xocpam\w. C¯cw ]WnIÄ \S¡póXn\mð B {]tZi¯v sshZypXnhnXcWw aWn¡qdpItfmfw apS§psaóXn\mð Fñm D]t`màm¡fpw klIcn¡Wsaópw F.C Adnbn¨p.
24/11/2015: Ìm³UnwKv I½nän sXcsªSp¸v
28 \v cmhnse 10.30 \v Bän§ð \Kck`bnð Ìm³UnwKv I½nän sXcsªSp¸v \S¡psaóv hcWm[nImcn C.kemlp±o³ Adnbn¨p. Bän§enð 31 hmÀUvIfnembn BsI 106 Øm\À°nIfmWv aÕc cwK¯v DïmbncpóXv. AhcpsS sXcsªSp¸v sNehpIÄ hyàamb tcJIÄ klnXw Unkw_À 2 \v ap³]mbn \ðIWsaóv BÀ.H Adnbn¨p
D®n Bän§en\v kzoIcWw
hnPb Zian ]pckvImcw e`n¨ D®n Bän§en\v s^Utdj³ Hm^v dknU³vdkv Atkmkntbj³ (^d), BÄtIcfm t{SUvbqWnb³ H^v HmÄUv Atb¬ kv{Im]vkvaÀ¨³vdkv (BtÎmbnÊw),IemN{µnI FónhbpsS B`napJy¯nð Bän§enð kzoIcWw \ðIn. tbmKw B\¯eh«w B\µ³ DZvLmS\w sNbvXp. AUz._n.kXy³ Fw.Fð.F, ap\nkn¸ð sNbÀam³ Fw.{]Zo]v, sshkv sNbÀ t]gvk¬ tcJ, XpS§nbhÀ kónlnXcmbncpóp
19/11/2015: Bän§ð \Kck`m A[y£\mbn sXcsªSp¡s¸« Fw {]Zo]v
km[mcW¡mcpsS sNbÀam³

ISbv¡mhqÀ ap³ {Kma]ômb¯v AwKambncpó ]tcX\mb am[h³\mbcpsSbpw ]tcXbmb B\µhñnbpsSbpw aI\mbv P\\w. Bdp a¡fnð \mema³. `mcy klIcWkwLw Poh\¡mcn FÊv.{ioeX. a¡Ä ARvPen{]Zo]v. APbv{]Zo]v hnZymÀYnIfmWv.
{]hÀ¯\ taJe.
sslkvIqÄ hnZyÀYnbmbncpó Imew apXte Iogmän§enepÅ Xo¸«n \nÀ½mW I¼\nbnð tPmen¡p t]mbncpóp. AXpIgnªv Iqen¸Wnbntebv¡pw, lÀPn Fgp¯pImc\mbpw, AUz¡äv ¢mÀ¡v Bbpw {]hÀ¯n¨p. tZim`nam\nbpsS hnXcW¡mc\mbpw GP³vdmbpw {]hÀ¯p¨p. AXp Ignªv tZim`nam\nbpsS GP³vdpw {]mtZinI teJI\pambn.
1988 ð \Kck`bntebv¡v X¨qÀ¡pópð \nópw BZyambn XncsªSp¯p.
18/11/2015: Attingal:- Attingal Municipal chairman Election
Attingal: Today, at Attingal Municiaplity, Municipal chairman and vice chairperson were elected. Chairman was elected at 11 am. Mr. Pradeep, who was the Vice Chairman of the last council, was elected as the new Chairman. Vice Chairperson election was held at 2 pm. As, this is a Female reservation area, Mrs Rekha was elected as the Vice Chairperson. MLA Mr.Sathyan participated in this function held at the municipal office at Attingal. After each election, oaths are taken by each candidates who were elected by the people. There is a total of 31 members in the council, in which 22 are LDF,5 are UDF and 4 are BJP.
eEity Attingal News After Municipal Election 2015
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