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 About Attingal
Attingal is located 32 Km north of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, is in National Highway 47. It is beleived that Attingal town was built 800 years ago. During ancient times Attingal was known to be "Chittattinkara" as it is encircled on three sides by the rivers "Vamana puram river" and "Mamom river". Historically, Attingal has been the residence of the women of the Travancore Royal Family. The Attingal Palace dates to 1305 C.E. Attingal and the surrounding areas were a principality within the Travancore kingdom, and were ruled by their queens.The famous Anchuthengu (Anjengo), (the five coconut palms) fort built by the British was once a part of Attingal Principality. It was there that a mutiny (Attingal Revolution) broke out between the British and the local people in 1721 over pepper business.Attingal Mutiny was the first ever rebellion against British in India.Chirayinkil, a town famous for its Sarkaradevi Temple, is close by.

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